Land Appraisal Calculator

Posted on 04 July 2020

Land Appraisal Calculator

The Land Appraisal Calculator is a tool which enables the landowner agent or developer to assess the value of land. Its calculation is based on a broad knowledge of the costs involved in building single and multiple properties on a parcel of land. 

The appraisal is a brief calculation and acts as a tool which enables an understanding of the costs required for a feasibility appraisal. There are notes and guidance attached to the appraisal, to assist the purchaser or seller in establishing the purchase price of the land.

Used alongside Land Attic, which advertises land for sale for both land promoters and agents, developers and self-builders can quickly assess and understand the affordability of purchasing land for development. 

The calculator is fully automated, easy to understand and quickly establishes the viability to develop a parcel of land.

It is not a valuation but a quick appraisal of a development sites worth and provides the user with a unique opportunity to establish the affordability of land before considering its purchase . Alternatively, the Land Appraisal Calculator can be used as a guide for an agent or landowner considering the sale of a parcel of commercial or residential development land.

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